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Card Games For Kids!

Reconnecting the family with funny & educational games.

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Holy Cow It’s A Match!

A Funny Card Matching Game!

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Hilarious Card Game!
“This company is hilarious. I love the games. Very educational. Highly recommend!!!”
“This is a great company, it really brings a smile to my day.”
“We found Punny Puns at the Tulsa State Fair and my 8 year old son has not put his coloring book down since he got it!!”
Be Corny or Be UniCorny!
Our Mission

"Our mission is to help strengthen the relationship between teachers, parents and kids through helping children develop a love for education, making learning fun and full of laughter."

What Makes Punny Puns Special:
Daddy-daughter owned company
All original puns, characters and jokes
Highly rated company
Full Pun Experience
*1 Copy of a Funny Coloring Book
& 3 Fun Card Games
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