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Our Story

The brand story of Punny Puns is the founder, owner, designer, and author "a.k.a" "The Punny Pun Man"  always wanted to become a children's book author.

The Punny Pun Man told himself upon becoming a children's book author, it has to be funny. The reading book and all products are educational materials to teach children compound words, meaning of literal, cognitive thinking, the products teach what clean humor is and all products are engaging  for both children and grown-ups.

Company Slogan
Spread more Laughter
Our Mission

"Our mission is to help strengthen the relationship between teachers, parents and kids through helping children develop a love for education, making learning fun and full of laughter."

Core Values
*Educating Children
*Clean Humor
*Constant Flow of Laughter
*Top Quality & Service
Our Mission

“Our mission at Punny Puns is to help improve with family engagement time, off-line fun and spread more laughter around the world.”

Punny Puns Products are a great way to teach children compound words, the meaning of literal and taking family fun to the next level.

How the Products are Educational
The Brand Story Of Punny Puns

I wanted to create something that had never been created before. I put my hand on my heart and I told God and/or the Universe there has to be something out there that hasn't been created that I can create. 

After tapping into my purpose, vision and goals I realized there is something bigger out there than me.  From a young age I always wanted to get into animation and become a children's book author. Once tapping into my inner child I realized if I do it... it just has to be funny!

I was seeking to tie words together to make something funny out of it. After thinking of a few characters like a boy on a cow for CowBoy, a girl on a cow for CowGirl and a few more and brainstorming I realized it's compound words. 

Upon the discovery of turning compound words into PUNS, I told the world I would make a coloring book, card games, reading books and more!

At that point Punny Puns was born!

Founder, owner, designer, and author


“The Punny Pun Man”

Micah Hoxsie

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